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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> live doppler 7 hd is tracking a fall storm. ahead, meteorologist, mike nicco, will tell us with the rain is and when you can expect to see it. >> in hair, more than a dozen people are left homeless after a fire. the panic that had a man make a quick escape from his home in dramatic nation. >> another disaster in the philippines after they try to recover from the devastating typhoon haiyan. >> breaking news story from the east bay, 15 people are homeless after an overnight fire at a hair apartment complex. a man had to jump from the second-story window to escape the flames. matt keller is on the scene.
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matt? >> we just got an update from firefighters. a dog was killed in the fire. firefighters are still on the scene talking with residents, mopping out. this was a lot of water on the round and in the apartments. they are clearing up the equipment. check out this video we shot off the phone of an apartment residents showing how huge the flames were when this fire broke out inside one of the two apartments destroyed. it started at 2:45. this was a family with a three-month-old baby. two men jumped from the balcony to escape. check out the video of the aftermath, a firefighter walked us through the two apartments gutted by the flame. one man who jumped suffered cuts with a minor knee injury but did not need to go to the hospital. firefighters are investigating what started the fire. i spoke with red cross.
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they gave me the number of people impacted by the fire: 27 people have been evacuated from the building. ten are staying with family or friends. they will be helping 17 residents on the scene with housing, shelter, food now they are forced out of their apartments. >> thank you, matt. >> mike, where is the rain? >> at 12,000'. we looked at latest observation at half moon bay where the best radar runs rolled over and it said "overcast," with the ceiling at 11,000 feet. what is falling is evaporating. temperatures are mild in the mid-50's and mid-to-upper 60's with sunshine and not so cloudy. springers in the valley with the
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north bay having a slight chance of those by noon. mostly it is over by then. 70 at 4:00 under clouds and 61 at 7:00. at the coast, sprinkles through noon and then mostly cloudy and low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon. leyla gulen? >> bart trains are all stop on the richmond line affecting other trains, as well, in the richmond, fremont, and millbrae direction. a person was found on the tracks, possibly hit by a train so we have investigators headed out had and crews are there. what they are doing, bart is trying to arrange for a.c. transit bus bridges to come and off load the passengers. it was a full train with the folks on their way hopefully shortly. for other folks depending on bart, avoid it if you can arrange a car pool.
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eric and kristen? >> coming up on 6:04. after a six day delay workers will begin demolition of the original eastern span of the bay bridge by removing 1,400' of road on the upper deck cantilever section. it will take six weeks. officials say the contractor needed more time to get ready. >> now the latest of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. a 4.8 earthquake hit that country and no tsunami threat. you are be looking at new video into the abc7 news room this morning giving us a dry by view of the destruction in the hard hit city of tacloban where petroleum are trying to line up for gas. >> more video from tacloban
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shows how powerful the storm was, large ships were moved inland by the surge. in some cases, the ships slammed right into people's hopes. >> more new video from friday, this was the height of the storm with storm chaser inside a hotel and shot this video as water started to rise inside. you can see the friend -- frantic panic. he said he and his fellow storm chasers had to put gusts out of their rooms because they were trapped by the quickly rising water. >> from outside the capital, valuetories are packing rice, noodles and canned items with help flowing in from around the world. the united states is flaming -- pledging $20 million in assistance and uss george
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washington left the port in hong kong and on the way to the philippines with 5,000 sailors. the bay area continues to rally to help the victims. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with more on that. >> the u.n. says 300 million is needed for relief effort in the philippines and people in the bay area are stepping. there is more than one way to help and this is not a typical relieve drive. at a restaurant in south san francisco, the filipino community leaders gathered to brain storm. they are working to come up with short-term and long term ideas to help the people of the philippines. they know they will need support for months if not years. >> i told everyone, it will take a village to save the country. we need their expertise, everyone from a chef to architect to graphic artists. >> look at the bags and boxes of food. the filipino multiservice center in san francisco was taking
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donations until midnight and a new mom bought food because she could not bear the images of children suffering and people brought cash including this man driving in from oakland to drop off $40. another group came forward to donate the cost of shipping the donations to the philippines. >> if you would like to donate to the relief of the we have information on our website at, click on "see it on tv." >> in less than a week the four the bore of the caldecott tunnel could be up and running alleviating congestion through highway 24 with the last round of testing this week in preparation for the opening. fire drills are among the final tests. crews will check safety systems, ventlation system and evacuation system the next few days. if it passes all tests and we do not have significant rain, caltran could on the bore by
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monday. >> waitin' for that will! >> we will talk about live doppler 7 hd with radar returns from san mateo north not getting confirmation other then sprinkles in the sunset toward pier 39. we will keep an eye on that. that is what we will deal with for the morning because of the surface area being so dry and deep to 11,000'. it is so mild. 11 degrees warmer now than this time yesterday in fairfield and concord. we will start in the east bay valley: mid-50's to 61 in antioch. 58 in pleasanton and livermore, temperature right now in concord is 55. we we will see temperatures in the 50's and move forward, we
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will actually be in the 70's in both areas and warmer than year. >> we have a bus taking passengers from the bart station after confirming there is a fatality with a body on the tracks. this will affect the richmond line and other lines. no trains are running through that area. we do have a bus bridge provided by a.c. transit picking up pictures to take them to north berkeley and we will keep you updated. amy hollyfield is headed out there. we have other accidents in oakland northbound 880 traveling at 5th avenue you will find two lanes blocked causing quite a delay at 29 miles per hour for a top speed approaching 980 and this crash has cleared worker along highway 24 at pleasant hill road causing slowing away from 680.
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>> 500,000 americans expected to sign up for health insurance through obamacare and who has been able do to. >> blockbuster rents the final movie and how you can score big movie bargains at the closeout. >> i was told i have breast cancer. >> you saw the moment yesterday when abc news amy report back -- row become -- amy diagnosis. >> we have rain hitting the ground and mike nicco will tell
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d ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 6:13. we have breaking news.
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officials have confirmed a fatality on the tracks at a bart station. no trains running in the area and act tran it bus has been arranged. amendment is head -- amendment -- amy hollyfield is head the out there and we will have details ahead. >> fewer than 50,000 people successfully signed up for insurance through the new website according to the "wall street journal" today. that is consider add disappointment. the obama administration expected 500,000 people to enroll in october. health insurance companies are worried, because they are counting on higher enrollment to be profitable. technology problems are plague the website. >> we have a closer look at what apple's new headquarters could look like. these are composite images released by cupertino of 2.8
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square foot million hub housing 14,000 employees. it is 1.5 mile from the current apple home. >> hawaii man has the distinction of being the last person to rent a blockbuster movie with this photo from saturday, the store employees poised with the customer who rented "this is the end." saturday was the final day for rentals with all stores reoftenning on thursday for a final liquidation store. the owner of dish announced all 300 remaining blockbuster stores would close because customers prefer to get their movies digitally. >> an abc correspondent's revelation she has breast cancer is shining a spotlight on early detection.
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amy robach announced she had breast cancer after a mammogram on live television the test results are forcing her into action and doctors say women must remain vigilant when they do not have the risk factors. >> we are all at risk, with the major risk are being female and getting older. there are thing we can do to reduce our risk but that doesn't mean we can eliminate risk. >> she will undergo a double mastectomy on thursday and admits to being scared and delaying it because she was busy. thank goodness, they caught it early. >> best wishes with amy and the "good morning america" crew. >> now the storm system that refuses to rain on us. >> it is trying. but there is an area of thick dry air at 11,000'. live doppler 7 hd shows radar runs are out there and yellows
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thrown in with the sprinkles reaching the ground but right now over the bay water pushing away from scandal stick to oakland and alameda and piedmont and san leandro and in the next 20 minutes it could be to dan ville and possibly orinda. as we head to the peninsula, it is clearing a little. if you look at the visibility, everyone is ten miles. if it was raining, with any type of intensity, the visibility would be lower. a lot of this is not reaching the ground of the from sutro tower we had we radar runs and this is dry. sprinkles for the commute. possibly light rain in the north bay. your area will be closest to the energy. clearing this afternoon, especially tonight with patchy fog developing inland and mild and dry for the seven-day
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forecast. temperatures are above average at the low-to-mid 70's. 70 in milpitas and santa cruz and 70's in menlo park and palo alto dropping down to the upper 60's around millbrae and low-to-mid sift along the coast and south san francisco is 67, sausalito is 66 but low 70's through the north bay valleys and ten degrees cool at the coastline. upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shore with oakland at 69 and low-to-mid 70's into the east bay valley antioch and livermore and fairfield and walnut creek, the warmer spots at 74. tonight, the lows are cooler in the low-to-mid mid-40's inland. high pressure going do develop to our north and east bringing an offshore flow that will be breezy on thursday night into friday. there is concern with fire danger. look at the temperatures, well above average, every day, and
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maybe slightly cooler this weekend. leyla gulen? >> of course, our big story is on bart where a fatality has occurred. that is stopping all trains in the area, certainly the richmond line is not moving. what we have is a full train and take the passengers off-and-on their way. a.c. transit will provide the because bridges but for the folks catching bart avoid it and take the other mass transit or car pool but other mass transit and everything else is running on time. northbound 880 at 5th avenue we have this accident blocking two lanes at 29 miles per hour and bumper-to-bumper traffic with the drive slowing approaching the maze. 680 is almost at a standstill with another accident westbound highway 24 at pleasant hill.
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kristen and eric? >> it is now 6:19. walnut creek looks like the freeway could be wet. k-mart, then target and now wal-mart opening up early on thanksgiving. they made it official. when you will be able to get inside wal-mart stores on turkey day. >> toys go high-tech, seven-day forecast hit -- "7 on your side" sees what should on your holiday live. >> cannot tell if it is raining here but if you see drizzle or rain we would like to see your pictures at
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here. >> more and more toys are going high-tech from touch screen technology to l.e.d. lighting. >> what do kids think? "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your side" to find out. here is michael finney. >> good morning, everyone, it is toy season and 80 percent of the industry is expecting millions in sales. which toys are worth it? skype z "consumer reports" can help. >> maybe the boast indicator of a good toy is the look of a child's face. more and more technology is popping up in our children's playroom and "consumer reports" shot smart has picked the best high-tech toys and put them to the ultimate test.
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having real kids play with them. this is fun for any kid but adding an ipad makes it irresistable. >> that makes it a different game because you are playing video games in conjunction with the whole story tying together. it is a blast. >> this activity is $50. barbie have integrated l.e.d. light technology bringing the little black dress to a new level. >> cringe designers pick colors and animate the creations. barbie and her dress cost $50. >> a favorite is the box of magnet electronic modules that health you build a working this science book is interactive
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when you download animation from the smartphone. at $20 the interactive 3-d brings the solar system alive with creativity and imagination, technology can be child's play. tab lets are popular and "consumer reports" is in the midst of testing these and will bring you the results weapon they are ready. >> the abc7 news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including breaking news and east bay fire that leaves two dozen people homeless. we have what is happening. >> breaking news for commuters, a major bart problem in el cerrito at the station that is now shut down. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center. that is the big story.
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we have other crashes and possible drizzle falling in the east bay. behind me is the bay bridge toll plaza with the fast traffic
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abc7newsstartsnowwithbreakinin hayward, two dozen are out of their hopes after a fire at an apartment complex. >> matt keller got new details in the past few minutes and join s us. >> the red cross says 27 people were evacuated from the apartments with eight units evacuated in the building. the red cross is shipping 17 of those people with shelter and food while the other ten are staying with appeal and friends. you can see the fire department is moving out. check out this video which shows how huge the flames were when the fire broke out this morning. there was a frightening ordeal for the two dozen people living
6:31 am
in the apartments including a family with three-month-old baby. the apartment was filled with smoke and they had to make lifesaving decisions. >> we saw the smoke and she crawled through and held the baby and slid all the bay down the steps to get the baby out. >> my sister was able to crawl down the stairs with the baby but by the time he and my brother-in-law got to the door it was too late. the smoke had filled the apartment. we had to jump off the balcony. >> cuts and a pinner knee injury was suffered. we were escorted through the destroyed apartments and the fire was devastating destroying everything inside and firefighters say there was sad news, a dog was killed in the fire and firefighters are investigating what started the fire. they told me that the fire inspector is still inside the building and he is focusing on
6:32 am
the kitchen area and the oven specifically. >> we have breaking news in richmond, major bart delays right now for the morning commute with sky 7 over the station el cerrito where a person is stuck under a train. this is a confirmed fatality. there are aprils for commuters. amy hollyfield? >> check out this scene, a closed bart station. no one is allowed in at the el cerrito station because of the emergency. it appears to be a suicide, someone was hit by a train. this station is closed. they are telling people if they want to catch a train they need to go to north berkeley. they are providing a bus bridge out of the station to help those who are stranded. they had to empty out a full
6:33 am
train of people when the emergency happened. there is a lot of confusion. this is some frustration. not a lot of information. police and bart officials are not telling us much only that people cannot be here and they have no idea when the trains will start running. >> as we look at the pictures, you can see where the act transit bus sugar lands are taking the passengers that were holding to take the richmond line into fremont and millbrae and rip monday they will be transferred to north berkeley where they can catch another bart train. we have the bus bridge in effect until further notice. those train tracks will be shut down with no word on when they
6:34 am
will reson. on maps, we have other problems. there is green on the map which is indicating possible rain that could affect the commute. we still have a crash northbound 880, blocking at least two lanes causing quite a backup. to the south into castro valley, northbound 238 to the southbound 880 transition, another wreck is blocking the lanes causing backup with a slow drive southbound along 880. as we head to the sue fowl grade southbound 680 we have bumper-to-bumper traffic from pleasanton and headed over to walnut creek you can see 680 is slammed bumper to bumper with a report of a crash on highway 24 at pleasant hill to the shoulder but enough activity slowed the traffic. there is another accident northbound side approaching the
6:35 am
24 junction which is daysing a couple of lanes to be blocked and a delay there. eric and kristen? >> i will focus on the area you were talking about with live doppler 7 hd showing rain moving toward 680 as we speak and pulling away from oakland right new where it finished raining there in piedmont and orinda and lafayette and now headed to alamo and concord. possibly to antioch and oakley and brentwood. those are the most likely areas to see rain. i can see the clouds are letting go of the moisture and it is making it to the ground. that is one of the few areas where we getting light rain. in downtown san francisco there are a few sprinkles and a few possible in the north bay across marin and sonoma county headed to santa rosa. today, we will have pretty much
6:36 am
sprinkles through the morning and it will become mostly cloudy by noon. we will see sunshine by 4:00 and in the evening it will be coolerren that last night. temperatures today are in the upper 60's to low 70's. again, most of the light rain from alameda to walnut creek and headed to the northeast. >> 6:36. the latest on the aftermath of typhoon haiyan the death poll in the philippines is 1,774. more help is on the way to the hard hit region including the uss george washington with 5,000 sailors on board the aircraft carrier and five other navy ships are making their way to the region but to make it worse a 4.8 earthquake hit the philippines but no tsunami threat. the good news, filipino air carrier is resuming normal operations today. >> if you have relatives are on friends in the philippines, google could help you locate
6:37 am
them. go to finding and offering a relief map for affected areas on shelters, command centers and communication posts. if you would like do donate to the relief effort we have information at, click on "see it on tv." a teen accused setting another teen on fire on an a.c. transit bus will enter a three in connection with setting 18-year-old sasha fleischman on fire buy lighting his skirt because he is homophobic. thomas faces hate crime charges and will be tried as an adult. his father says his son does not identify as male or tee -- female. here is recovering with second- and third-degree burns. >> the warriors are changed the water front arena planned in san francisco. who says it is not enough of a change. >> drivers who use the golden
6:38 am
gate bridge could face another toll hike with a meeting today and what has to happen before tolls are raised. >> live doppler 7 hd is tracking the rain moving into the north bay and other areas with reports of rain in oakland and maybe further east. mike is putting this together and will keep you informed
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hype me above the bay bridge you can see the lower of the clouds and the diffused nature of the clouds where the rain is let go by the clouds and making it to the ground. sprinkles to light rain moving through the east bay hills to the valleys. right now in the another bay in mount diabolo boulevard getting wet. this is how it hooks from mount tamalpais with the clouds letting go of the rain as they move off to the east we are looking to the east. temperatures today are going to be 1- to 4-degrees warmer than yesterday. that means a lot of 70's. if you are traveling around showers are possible in the mountains but it will just be rain. temperature is 61 in tahoe. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, we will go back out to el cerrito
6:42 am
and looking from sky 7 of the a.c. transit that is picking up using their limited shuttle bus service to take passengers count on bart to north berkeley. richmond line will be shut down until further notice because of a fatality. a body was on the tracks under a train. that is shut down until further notice. you may want to take the car pool instead. the walnut creek camera, you can see traffic is snarled headed away from highway four because of an early accident, westbound highway 24 at pleasant hill. >> new this morning, wal-mart joins the usually thanksgiving opening bandwagon and when you can get inside the discount retailer. >> the warriors planned water front arena in san francisco gets a design change but worried
6:43 am
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breaking from el cerrito with major bart delays where a person, a body, is stuck under a
6:46 am
train. our reporter joins us from the station. amy? >> i have new information that can help people get around. this is the situation, a closed bart station on a tuesday morning, an unusual sight because of an emergency. we are watching people coming to the gate and hook very confused wondering why the bart station is closed. here are the details to get around: if you are trying to get to san francisco or millbrae you can go do el cerrito plaza and catch a train. fremont or oakland, go to north berkeley. there will be no trains here. if you know someone here, you can park for free and catch the 72 bus to the stations. no idea when this station will is re-opening. there is in estimate. this is an investigation to conduct on the tracks. you need to assume the station
6:47 am
will not be in use this morning and come up with plan "b" this morning. >> we have new details this morning involving the warriors' proposal for a new arena on the waterfront of san francisco. they are downsizing the plan after opponents threatened to put this on the ballot and will present an updated version that includes creating more open pace much the plan called for 175' condo complex and more than 100,000 square foot of retail space. officials are expected to provide an update on the possibility of a toll increase for the golden gate bridge next year. the board met two weeks ago to look at options of raising money to close the deficit. the toll increase is likely the way to go. the board could take action on friday to start the process of setting up public hearings on the issue.
6:48 am
it could be in effect by early april. >> a memorial service will be held this morning at 10:00 for a t.s.a. officer killed when a gunman walked in and opened fire as los angeles international airport. the suspect accused of killing 39-year-old hernandez and injuring three others on november 1. the united states attorney general holder is expected to attend the service at the l.a. memorial sports arena. the suspect, paul ciancia, could face the death penalty and is still hospitalized. >> wal-mart is kicking off black friday deals at 6:00 on thanksgiving evening, two hours earlier than last year. wal-mart is starting early and slashing prices on popular items to stay competitive with target, best buy and macy's getting an early start on the holiday shopping. wal-mart is promising to stock 65 percent more tv's and double the number of tablets compared to last year.
6:49 am
>> the harlem globetrotters are famous for antic on the court but a trick became a true show stopper. the globe dropper tried to slam dunk and it backfired during exhibition game in honduras. he held on to the hoop but the backboard gave way and crashed on top of him. he lay motionless on the court next to a mound of shattered grass with a nasty gash. he got up to the delight of the crowd and want to the locker room to be treated. >> i have seen shattered backboards but never come down like that. >> amazing. i think shaq shaq -- shaquille did it but of course he is 300
6:50 am
pounds. >> the rain coming down heavier along willow pass road from concord to, say, antioch and pittsburg. that is what we are seeing over to highway four, and you hoof back it is putting from from walnut creek and pleasant hill and concord as we speak. there are two areas of light rain moving through and this will continue headed to bay point and pittsburg and across the delta and on the way to dixon and over the next hour. the visibility is light so we only have sprinkles. temperatures in the south by will start with mostly mid-to-upper 50's and san jose and mountain view and sunnyvale and 57 leading the charge and same in will made and san francisco and lafayette is 55. even with the rain it did not cool you down at all and 52 is the cool spot in novato.
6:51 am
from sutro tower or looking to san francisco from east bay hills there are very flat clouds. right now everyone upstream of the bay area to the west is flat. sprinkles are the best chance of light rain moving through the area with live doppler 7 hd. we will keep the chance through noon with clearing this afternoon and tonight with patchy fog and mild and dry throughout the seven-day forecast. low-to-mid 70's this afternoon in the south bay and upper 60's to 70's on the peninsula and low pressure 60's along the coast. in the low 70's in the north bay valley but low-to-mid 60's bodega bay and sausalito, and into the east bay valleys we will have low-to-mid 70's. tonight it is 8:00er at low-to-mid 40's with patchy fog and 50 for the rest of us.
6:52 am
tomorrow is warmer in the seven-day forecast and breezy in the hills on thursday to friday and fire danger heightened with no wants or warnings and we will want it temperatures taper this weekend, but, still, above average. >> some of that falling drizzle could affect the commute with reports of accidents but the big story is el al -- el cerrito bart station with a fatality on the tracks. a bus bridge will take a limited number of passengers from the station to north berkeley and what police are telling us, if you want to go to fremont go to the north berkeley bart and park if free and take bus 72. that, really, is the only way around this unless you can take a car pool and avoid the trains
6:53 am
altogether. this will stay closed until further notice. as we look at the rest of our commute across the bay area, southbound 680 is still bumper-to-bumper traffic but it is flow better from pleasant hill where the accident pushed over to the shoulder. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go.
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go. >> breaking news, the el cerrito bart station is shut down right now after an apparent suicide on the tracks. a.c. transit has a bus bridge set up so go to north berkeley
6:55 am
station. >> as we look around the bay area, headed out to the el cerrito station police are saying there is a limited bus bridge to take you to north berkeley but around the bay area we have an accident southbound 680 still blocking the lane causing major back ups. >> live doppler 7 hd shows the rain moving through but it is so dry most areas do not see much rain from the bay bridge to the richmond-san rafael bridge, there are drops falling and our light rain is on willow pass pulling from concord to bay point and walnut creek, you can see 680 is wet and it will be dry, 60's to 70's. >> breaking news in hayward, more than two dozen people are out of their homes after an overnight fire at an apartment complex with a man saying he jumped from the second floor balkan to escape.
6:56 am
>> 4.8 earthquake has hit the philippines but there is no tsunami. the death toll has topped 1,700 is far. >> demolition begins to tear down the original eastern span of the bay bridge that was supposed to start on wednesday. the contractor needed more time to get ready. the demolition will take three years. >> lawyers for apple and samsung meet in san jose federal court to pick a jury for the next court battle. they facing a retrial to decide how much samsung owes apple for patent infringement. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. a massive arctic blast sweeping across the entire eastern u.s. at this hour. millions in the freeze, all the way to florida. snow coming down right now across parts of the northeast. get ready for a wet, slippery commute. breaking the wall of silence. the owner of the miami dolphins finally speaks out about the bullying scandal engulfing his team. >> couldn't have been a worse nightmare. >> what he says now about the alleged hazing in the team's locker room. watch this scary moment as a harlem globetrotter goes for an alley-oop. only to bring down the entire backboard crashing on to the court. his narrow escape all caught on tape. elizabeth and val. >> you heard,


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